Locksmith FAQS – answering questions you might have regarding locksmiths and why you should choose Fast Locksmith. If you have any questions not answered below, please contact us and we will answer your question ASAP.

We accept cash, debit, and most major credit cards.

Fast locksmith services all of the lower mainland. For a full list of cities, check out our service areas.

All of our locksmiths are licensed. Fast Locksmith is also insured and bonded.

It is very important for a locksmith to be licensed and have their security license. In order to be licensed, there are background checks and flinger printing that needs to be done. 

It is not recommended to trust a “locksmith” that is not licensed with your keys and locks.

In case of a emergency, our locksmiths are available 24/7. Give us a call and we will provide you with a quote. Extra charges may apply.

Rekey a lock is when we take apart the cylinder of the lock and change the pins inside, making the previous keys inoperable. 

Master keys are mostly used in commercial offices, where employees have their own keys to their offices. A master key is used in that situation so one key will work on all the locks. Normally used by an employer or janitor.

We can rekey your locks so the same key works on all. However, the lock must be same keyway or manufacture.

If you are looking for a lock that can’t be picked or the keys cut easily, we highly recommend the Mul-T-Lock System in your home. These type of locks are the most secure lock you can install for your home or business. The key can’t be cut easily by any burglars attempting to do so. Only certified Mul-T-Lock shops are able to cut these keys and must provide identification.

It is not necessary to change all your locks if you lost your keys. You may rekey your locks, making the old keys not compatible with the lock. Our locksmiths at Fast locksmith will then provide you with new keys to use with your old lock.

Not all locked can not be picked. Unfortunately for some residential and commercial locks, the only way to open the lock is to drill it. Our locksmith will be able to replace your cylinder.

Yes we can cut a key using a keycode from the dealership. Some dealerships will provide you with a keycode  if you provide them with your VIN and ID.

We can have our mobile locksmith come to your location and cut and program you a new key. Original not needed! Much cheaper than the dealership and you also can avoid towing fees.

Either you forgot your combo to your safe, or it has malfunctioned and you lost access to your safe. Regardless of the reason, your valuables are locked inside. Some safes are able to be opened without any damage to the safe, hwoever, many high quality safes can only be drilled by cutting open the safe. We highly recommend contacting us and not doing this yourself. It may cause injury or damage to your valuables.

We are one of the leading local locksmiths. We have the highest and safest standards when it comes to delivering our unmatched services.